Welcome to Amcha Ghar International

Amcha Ghar, which means ‘Our Home’, is a 16-year-old NGO in Uttan, a small village near Mumbai, India. The not-for-profit organisation gives underprivileged children of the streets and slums a future by providing them with a safe home and good quality education. This is a website for those outside of India who are interested in our organisation. See here how you can participate!

Home & Education

Amcha Ghar is a two-fold project. It began in 1996 as Amcha Ghar Home, a residential home for orphaned and semi-orphaned girls, offering a safe family environment  for girls saved from the streets of Mumbai. Now, about 25 girls live in the ever-growing home. When possible, Amcha Ghar also provides counseling and economic guidance to girls’ parents or relatives, with the ultimate aim of stabilizing the family environment and improving economic status so girls can be re-united with their families.

From the start, Amcha Ghar has focused on providing education to produce skilled, independent adults that can function in mainstream society. This ambition has grown into the Amcha Ghar School. In lower-income Indian families, girls are often deprived of educational opportunities. Amcha Ghar strives to address this gender inequality by educating all local children in its own English Medium School for the smallest possible monthly contribution (€2,90/$3,60). Amcha Ghar School currently teaches roughly 400 children!

Check out our about pages to learn more about the NGO its legal status, history and mission! You can also read all about life at the Home and at the School.


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Would you like to participate in our practical project focused on providing shelter and education? We are always looking for volunteers!

Still, the fastest and easiest way to make a big impact is by sponsoring. Check out our Sponsor a Child project. €30,-/$35,- a month covers the complete costs of taking care of a former streetchild shelter in our Home. Would you like to contribute to the education of impoverished children, check out our Scholarship Programme (€16,70/$20,45 a month ensures a college degree). You can also see how a donation would impact girls’ lives.

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