Amcha Ghar School

In lower-income Indian families, girls are often deprived of educational opportunities. Amcha Ghar strives to address this gender inequality by educating all local children in its own school in Uttan, a small village on the outskirts of Mumbai. The government recognized Amcha Ghar School offers near-free and good primary and secondary education by qualified teachers up to 10th standard.

Education and literacy in India

Although children in India have the right to free education, the government cannot offer enough and adequate schooling in rural areas. Private schools are often too expensive and affected by caste discrimination. There is hardly a possibility for children of the slums to get educated. If government schools are available, it is not uncommon to have classes of seventy pupils with one teacher. Many children, especially girls, drop out at a young age.

The average literacy rate in the world is about 85%. While more than 80% of men in India are literate, only 65% of Indian women know how to read and write. In Indian families with limited financial resources, parents often invest only in the education of their sons, who will traditionally take financial care of their parents later in life. Girls drop out of school or are not send at all.

Who we help

In a poor area on the outskirts of Mumbai, Amcha Ghar School strives to make education accessible and affordable for all children, regardless of their gender or ethnic background.

We do this by offering education for a very small monthly tuition (200 rupees, or €2,90/$3,60). Ideally we would offer free schooling, at least for the pupils of the poorest families. You can make this happen!

The Facts

We have a team of around 20 teachers and supporting staff. Although we have a large waiting list, we only teach 400 children, which is the maximum capacity of our school premises right now. We have a nursery (3-year-olds), junior kindergarten, senior kindergarten and primary and secondary education in the form of 1st through 10th standard (16-year-olds).
We have a classic syllabus with subjects as science, sports, art, history, mathematics, civics and languages English, Hindi and the local Marathi. We offer computer classes to develop practical skills that are often needed in mainstream jobs. We do accept that not all children are good at academics and so we also promote vocational development. The girls’ interests are encouraged and opportunities are provided to pursue their aptitudes.

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Read more about our people & history, or check out our goals or our mission. We also have pages on our legal status & network! Get to know our girls through our newsblog. To visit the website of Amcha Ghar School click here.