Vina (5) and Shanti (9)

Vina is a tiny six-year-old with the biggest smile you can imagine. This inspiring girl knows how to find fun in every activity – whether that’s playtime, doing her homework or eating her lunch. Her optimistic attitude make her a loved babysister; Vina is never short on playmates or hugs!

When children are celebrating their birthday, they are allowed to come to school in a nice dress instead of their school uniform. This one morning, I saw the playful 10-year-old Shreya putting on her own  pretty dress on Vina. When I asked her why, she told me that Vina did not have a dress like this, but it wás her birthday. She should go to school in party clothes, too! Sheya had made her own dress shorter, all by herself, to fit the tiny girl. It was a very moving moment.” Nathalie, volunteer

Shanti is a shy, sweet girl. However, she can turn into a real maverick with partner in crime Kaveri, giggling through their mischief. When she first came into the family years ago, she had lost all her baby teeth due to malnutrition. Luckily, she was her beautiful and happy self again even before her adult teeth began to come through.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, we will be able to welcome Vina’s sister too this year. We will be able to send her, like Vina and Shanti, to Amcha Ghar School. Education is the best tool to ensure a future full of opportunity!