Our Mission & Goals

Our Mission

  • Turn underprivileged children into independent and skilled adults through care and education.
  • Overcome inequalities ingrained due to gender, caste, economic and religious discrimination.

We believe that every child deserves a loving family environment to grow up in. We believe that education is the ultimate tool towards development of both individuals and communities.

Amcha Ghar strongly reflects the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in its mission and beliefs. The CRC includes the right to protection against all forms of neglect, cruelty and exploitation, the right to affection, love and understanding, the right to free education and to full opportunity for play and recreation,  the right to learn to be a useful member of society and to develop individual abilities & the right to a peaceful world.

Conflict is not always the result of war – poverty and despair also create situations where children suffer abuse, exploitation and neglect. Amcha Ghar works to create places of safety for underprivileged children where trained workers provide a climate of support tailored to their needs.

Our Goals

Amcha Ghar Home

  • Find financial resources to shelter 5 girls before december 2013 through the Sponsor a Child Project and other fundraising activities.
  • Expand home. Welcome 2 new girls before june 2013 plus 3 new girls before june 2014.
  • Find patrons for scholarships for the girls in 10th standard before they graduate (april 2013), through national and international fundraising.
  • Purchase land for development & expansion of our home.

Amcha Ghar School

  • Purchase land to build new Amcha Ghar School premises with hygienic facilities and enough classrooms to teach at least 1000 children.
  • Implement school bus service.
  • Set up a scholarship programme for tuition fees of colleges for children that graduate 10th standard.

Murbad Project

  • Poultry-farming and rabbit rearing as means of income-generating projects.