Shila (12), Kaveri (12)

Shila is an ever smiling child who loves both making photographs and posing for them. She is a real girly girl who treasures her hairclips and bracelets. Kaveri loves to hug and has a talent for gymnastics. Handstand, somersault, walking up vertically against walls? No problem. She uses her skills in dance practise.

Both these girls have found a safe and loving home at the Amcha Ghar family when they had no other place to go. Besides providing them with a roof over their heads, food on the table and decent clothing – more than some have in rural areas and cities like Mumbai, Shilpa and Kumari get all the loving attention they need and they go to school.

These 12-year-olds will become strong, self-providing adults. Lifting them up will lift their entire community up.

Amcha Ghar has the know-how and capacity to harbour more homeless girls, but we need your involvement. Would you like to read about our Sponsor a Child project?