Our People & History

Founders & Organisation

Amcha Ghar is founded and led by couple Susheela Singh and Anthony Dias, supported by a board of seven members. All board members are actively involved with the day-to-day management of the organisation and all members work on local fundraising.

Amcha Ghar School now has a staff of over twenty people, mostly teachers. Amcha Ghar Home offers internships for Social Work students.

History of Amcha Ghar

In the 1990s, Susheela Singh and Anthony Dias were familiar faces in the world of social work in Mumbai. After her studies in Social Work and Human Resource Development, Ms. Singh worked as a social worker in the streets of Mumbai herself. In 1995, Ms. Singh and Mr. Dias rescued a sexually exploited girl from the Mumbai Streets, only to discover that no institutions would take her because she was not an orphan. They realized that no home catered to semi-orphan girl children or to those living in vulnerable situations. The girls were denied admission in homes if they had a single parent, despite the fact that the single parent often worked all day, leaving the girl to fend for herself or placing her in the care of sexually, physically, or emotionally abusive relatives.

After witnessing such helplessness, Ms. Singh and Mr. Dias were inspired to form a unique organization that would serve those living in such situations. On April 14, 1996 in Uttan village at Bhayander, a committed team of social workers, attorneys, doctors, and well-wishers joined Ms. Singh and Mr. Dias to give birth to Amcha Ghar. Starting off with providing a home to three girls, Amcha Ghar has grown to a place that is now home to twentyfive girls and still growing. Since many years Amcha Ghar also offers education to roughly four hundred students in the Amcha Ghar School.

Our Achievements

Learning how to type!

Over 40 beneficiaries of Amcha Ghar home are now independent, well-educated adults living healthy, happy lives.
Extended Amcha Ghar School to 10th standard

Established extension home in Bhayander for beneficiaries who are pursuing higher education

Obtained plot of land for Murbad project.

Foundation three preschools for local children at Uttan-Dongri, Uttan-Rai & Uttan-Chouk

Foundation Amcha Ghar School

First seven beneficiaries are re-united with their families after Amcha Ghar’s trained staff verified during field surveys that the families were now living in hygienic and economical stable conditions.

Foundation Amcha Ghar