About Amcha Ghar

Amcha Ghar is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides a home for destitute girls and education for local children.

Our People & Story

After sixteen years, Amcha Ghar is still led by its founders, though its staff has been greatly expanded. Amcha Ghar is registered as a public charitable Trust. The Founder, Foundress, President, Treasurer, and Executive members are directly involved in the day-to-day management of the organization. 

In 1995, Susheela Singh and Anthony Dias rescued a sexually exploited girl from the Mumbai Streets, only to discover that no institutions would take her because she was not an orphan. Amcha Ghar was founded less than a year later. Since then, over forty beneficiaries have left us as independent adults. In 2001, Amcha Ghar School was founded. Read more about our people and our history

Our Mission & Goals

Amcha Ghar’s mission is to turn underprivileged children into independent and skilled adults through care and education, regardless of their gender or ethnic background. We aim to educate the children of the Mumbai region in Amcha Ghar School in order to make them into self-providing adults that lift up their entire community.

We have always focused on the future. The future of our children and of the organization. We are ambitious and have concrete future goals. Read more about our mission & goals.

Want to know more about our daily life and about who we help? Check out the Our Home and Our School pages!

Legal Status & Network

Amcha Ghar has been a government recognized NGO since 1996 with a great network of national and international affiliates. We work closely together with the JAPU (juvenile police unit) and other NGO’s working on the streets of Mumbai. Since our foundation we have been host to numerous international volunteers. Read more about our legal status and network.