Volunteering at Amcha Ghar

Amcha Ghar welcomes volunteers from all over the globe for anytime from a week to over a year. At Amcha Ghar, you will be part of a team of supportive, like-minded, committed people where your contribution will make a real, immediate and clear impact.

All our volunteers are over 18 years old and contribute in their own, unique way to our team.

We accept international volunteers in all months but april and may. We do not demand money from our volunteers as some other NGO’s and especially commercial ‘mediator organisations’ do. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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What You Can Put In

You may have experience in a relevant field (e.g. project management, teaching, social work, child care, administration, fundraising or publicity), or have the energy, enthusiasm, and imagination to get involved in other ways. Previous volunteers have provided:

  • Instruction in the home or at the school (academics, computerlessons, music, crafts, foreign language)
  • Website development
  • Administration
  • Fundraising.

The girls live on a strict daily schedule. Volunteers who have the skills to break everyday routine (without interfering with studies, of course) with entertainment, games and roadtrips are welcomed and needed. Your personal care and creativity can truly add to the lives of the girls.

What You Can Get Out

New experiences, friendship, new skills, personal and professional development and satisfaction in being part of an organization that makes a positive difference in children’s lives in a very direct, effective way. Each volunteer gets a certificate stating their work at the end of their stay.


Daily life

Our international volunteers stay at the home with the children and the Amcha Ghar founders. You are invited to join our daily rhythm but you are free to schedule your own days depending on your work – you don’t have to get up at 5 o’clock with us!

Some NGO’s and commercial ‘mediator’ organisations demand hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month of volunteers as donations or ‘mediator fees’. We do not and will never ask for this. Although a contribution for your meals is appreciated, it is not obligatory. We are interested in your personal contribution, not in your wallet.


We are gathering the stories from previous volunteers as we speak! Nathalie, a Dutch volunteer in the summer of 2012, has written an online travel journal, India in 50 Posts, about her time at Amcha Ghar.

I like what I hear, but I still have some questions. What now?

Contact us by e-mail or phone if you are interested to discuss all your questions!