Sponsor a Child Project

Providing a home for a former street child for €30,- a month

What is the Sponsor a Child Project?

Amcha Ghar provides a home for about 25 girls at the moment. We have the capacity and knowledge to shelter more former street children, but we need support from benefactors to make this a reality . Through the Sponsor a Child Project you ensure a home for a former street child with a monthly donation of €30,- or $35,-.

This is 5-year-old Vina. Thanks to our well-wishers, this year, we can bring Vina’s little sister into the Amcha Ghar family too!

When you sponsor one of the Amcha Ghar girls, you will receive a welcome package and updates about the girl you sponsor every three months with information on daily life in the home, study results and photographs. This way, you can see and read the impact of your participation!

Both the welcome package and the updates are digital – we don’t want to waste your contribution on the costs of transcontinental mail..

Travelling to India? You are always welcome to visit Amcha Ghar to meet both its members and its beneficiaries! A day in the life of former street children will tell you more about what we do and why we do it than all the information on our websites together!

What will my donation be used for? What is the impact of my participation?

The Sponsor a Child project aims at providing the basic needs of everyday life for the children. Your donation is used directly for the meals, clothing, school costs, housing and basic medical care for the child you sponsor.

To sponsor a child means the financial resources to rescue a new girl of the Mumbai streets. She will be able to live in a family home and receive education so she will have a bright future. The impact of your sponsorship is that immediate.

How can I be sure that you are a legitimate organisation?

Amcha Ghar is a government recognized NGO with many partners and well-wishers. Check out our Legal Status & Network page to see our credentials and testimonials of visitors and volunteers.

All our international transactions are handled by the Standard Chartered Bank, a renowned international bank that focuses on countries with upcoming economies like India.

If you want to stop your contributions for whatever reason, you stop. No obligations, no sneaky terms of notice. It is that simple.

I’m interested, but I still have some questions

Don’t hesitate to contact us with all your questions! Just write us an e-mail and we will reply as soon as possible.

I want to participate!

Send us an e-mail and become part of the Amcha Ghar family!