Scholarship Programme

Providing a college education for €17 / $21  a month

Why scholarships?

Amcha Ghar School provides primary and secundary education for children. To read more about our school and about the school system in India, check out our Amcha Ghar School page!

Parvati & Savitri are in 10th standard. With the help of a sponsor, they can go to college next year!

After graduating the 10th standard, children in India are expected to do two years of junior college to finish their secundary education. After junior college, they can find decent jobs, follow higher education or both.

However, with a tuition fee of about €200,- / $245,-, college is not an option for a lot of families in rural areas. Amcha Ghar wants to change this, but we need your help. Together, we can make a college diploma possible for every child, regardless of their background or sex!

Who will I sponsor?

We need sponsors for three groups of children.

The first group is Amcha Ghar orphans: girls who live in our home without any outside relatives to depend on. It is our responsibility to raise them to be educated, independent women.

We also provide scholarships for former Amcha Ghar girls. In some cases, families of the girls in the home can be rehabilitated into a stable and hygienic environment and the girls are reunited with them after 10th standard. Amcha Ghar financially helps these families in one way only: we provide college tuition. We make sure that the tuition fee goes straight to the college.

Finally, it is our aim to provide scholarships for Amcha Ghar School pupils as possible. For most kids, offering them basic education is enough to change their future for the better. To further a educational and cultural shift in the region however, it is necessary to provide our bright pupils with the opportunity to go to college in order to develop the entire community.

Stay updated

When you sponsor the college fee of a child, we will update you on the life and studies of your beneficiary. You will receive information, personal messages of your beneficiary and photographs at least twice a year; at the end of the first semester in december and at the end of term in march.

The college schoolyear begins halfway july. When you make your first contribution, we will send you a welcome package with information about Amcha Ghar and, more importantly, the high school child who can go to college due to your help! We will also let you know when he/she has started her college studies!

How can I be sure that you are a legitimate organisation?

Amcha Ghar is a government recognized NGO with many partners and well-wishers. Amcha Ghar is a government recognized NGO with many partners and well-wishers. Check out our Legal Status & Network page to see our credentials and testimonials of visitors and volunteers.

All our international transactions are handled by the Standard Chartered Bank, a renowned international bank that focuses on countries with upcoming economies like India.

What if I want to stop my monthly/yearly contributions? 

When you want to stop, you stop. No obligations, no sneaky terms of notice. It is that simple.

I’m interested, but I still have some questions

Don’t hesitate to contact us with all your questions! Just write us an e-mail and we will reply as soon as possible.

I want to participate!

Send us an e-mail!