Become part of our team

There are three ways in which you can have an impact on the lives of Mumbai street children through Amcha Ghar.

Spread the word!

Link this site on your Facebookpage, your blog, your Tumblr! We need people to know about the horrible conditions of the lives of many Indian children, about the organisations that fight these injustices and about what they can do themselves to change lives.


Amcha Ghar welcomes volunteers from all over the globe. Some stay for a few days, others for several months. In the past, volunteers have provided instruction (academics, computerskills, music, crafts, foreign language), assisted with website development, performed office tasks and helped with fundraising. Read more about volunteering.


Benefactors and sponsors are necessary for the functioning of a not-for-profit organisation like Amcha Ghar. We believe that our patrons should have the possibility to know what is achieved concretely with their contributions. Also, we are open to other patricipation and visits of our benefactors. Travelling to India? Why don’t you come by and meet the child whose life you have changed so drastically?

All our international transactions are handled by Standard Chartered Bank, a renowned international bank.

Sponsor a Child project

For housing, food, clothing and other basic care for destitute girls cost about €30,-/$35,- a month. We are looking for sponsors for these basic needs because every sponsor we can find equals the financial room to accept another child, currently living in dreadful circumstances, into our residential home. Sponsors get updates on the life of the girl they provide for every three months, so they know exactly how their contribution is being spent.

Scholarship Programme 

Our Amcha Ghar School offers schooling from the 1st up to the 10th standard, which is comparable to high school. After graduation, children are expected to follow at least two years of junior college, but this can be a financial struggle. We are looking for sponsors of scholarships for the girls of Amcha Ghar Home and for pupils of the Amcha Ghar School. Sponsors get updates on the lives of those they sponsor, so they can see and read the impact of their contribution!

How donations help

We are developing projects to become self-providing, but for now we still rely on the goodness of people to facilitate our home and our school. If you support us with a one-time or ongoing donation, you will always have the option to inquire after or determine the use of your contribution.

Are you travelling to India? You are very welcome to visit Amcha Ghar to see how your contribution has been put to use or to make a donation. We even offer day-long visit for tourists. A day in the life of a former streetchild will tell you more than any brochure or website!