Amcha Ghar Home

Amcha Ghar is a home for destitute girls of the streets and slums. We strive to improve their lives with our love and dedication by providing them with a safe family environment and education. We started with three girls in 1996. Sixteen years later, we have had the pleasure with working over 40 girls who have now turned into adult, strong women. We currently shelter almost 25 girls.

Who we help

Amcha Ghar welcomes orphaned, semi-orphaned, neglected and abandoned girls from in and around Mumbai. We are still rather unique in accepting girls who do have relatives, but no stable home. We work with:

  • rejected children,
  • orphans who do not know their origin,
  • children of the local tribes (these ‘casteless’ people often live in extreme poverty),
  • abused children,
  • children who have witnessed the suicide of family members,
  • children deserted due to poverty and hardship,
  • children whose parents are too ill (HIV aids, tbc) to take care of them,
  • daughters of commercial sex workers in Mumbai. We keep their children safe while partner organisations fight the years of battle it takes to free women from the hands of pimps and human traffickers.

Our ultimate aim is to stabilize the family environment so girls can be re-united with their families. When possible, counseling and economic guidance is provided to girls’ parents or relatives by Amcha Ghar or our partnerorganisations. Thankfully, this approach often works and many girls return to their families after they finish the 10th standard (high school).

Girls who do not have relatives to return too, stay in our care. We give them guidance like parents do and a loving home they can always turn too.

Where we work

Mumbai is the most populous city of India and the fourth most populous city in the world. It borders into smaller cities, large slums and rural areas with poor villages. Together with our network of befriended NGO’s  and the JAPU (Juvenile Police Unit) we service this enourmous community of twenty million people.

Our Home itself is situated in Uttan, a small coast village on the outskirts of Mumbai, though it is officially part of the Thane district. It is a small, safe community within the greater Mumbai area. It is within travel distance for most relatives of our girls. Bhayander is a city located 8km from Uttan. We have an extension home for our senior girls who work and study in Bhayander to complete their higher education and learn to support themselves.

Daily life

nursery to senior kindergarten (3-6 years): 7.00 get up and breakfast, 8.30-11.30 Amcha Ghar School classes, 12.00 lunch, nap, play, 15.00-17.00 tuition at home with teacher.

1st to 4th standard (6-10 years): 7.00 get up and breakfast, 9.00-11.00 tuition at home with teacher, 11.30 lunch, 12.30-17.30 Amcha Ghar School classes.

5th to 10th Standard (11-16 years): 5.00 get up and breakfast, 7.00-13.00 Amcha Ghar School, 13.30 lunch, rest and play, 15.00-17.00 tuition at home by teacher.

Group evening routine: 18.00 evening prayers, 18.30-20.30 tuition at home by teacher, 20.30 children may finish studying or go directly to bed.

Our girls live a strict daily routine that revolves around their studies. Don’t misunderstand – there is plenty of room for play and personal attention! Volunteers who have the enthusiasm to break daily routine with fun, games and roadtrips are also very welcomed. Your care and creativity can truly add to the lives of the girls.

Future objectives

We aim to keep on growing as steadily as we have done in the past years. Ultimately, we would like to find land in order to build our own residence (we are currently located in an appartment complex), so we can expand and provide a home for even more girls.

Though we have the knowledge and capacity to shelter more girls than we do now, we lack in the financial resources to do this. That is why, right now, we mainly focus on finding sponsors for our girls. Every sponsored child creates room for another former streetchild to find a home. Would you like to learn more about the Sponsor a Child Project?

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