Dancing at Junoon

Our girls love to dance. They choreograph dances on both Hindi and English song, practise passionately and show off their skills at any chance they get. Today, six girls of Amcha Ghar took on the challenge of dancing in front of hundreds of people at Junoon, an event organized by local student organisation Engage and supported by the Lions Club. The event offered the opportunity for talented children to show their art.


The ‘Beat Freak Crew’, as the girls have named themselves, choreographed a dance on partysong Tik Tok by Kesha. A special shout out for Archana, 10th standard pupil, who led the choreography and is recognized as the best dancer in the house by all the girls. Quite the achievement in itself!

Unfortunately, we could not record their performance itself in good quality. However, we have recorded one of the rehearsals of the Beat Freak Crew. Check out their moves – and those of the younger girls who participated for the fun of it. Even our little Vina joined the dancers!

Link to the video